The State of the Art of Architectural Photography: Photo Editing Apps For Your Smartphone

May 5th, 2016 by Anice

Recently while on a shoot, my client and I were discussing the camera he uses when taking snapshots of his projects. He said he’d tried using a DSLR but those images usually required further editing on expensive editing software that he didn’t have access to.  Also, the photos didn’t look as good straight out of the camera as they did on his camera phone.  This story inspired me to look for apps that would help our clients make their smartphone and tablet images look more like corrected architectural photographs. Smartphone cameras are constantly improving and more and more applications are being developed that refine and perfect the images. One of the best perspective control apps I have found is SKRWT.

SKRWT is a perspective correction tool designed with architecture in mind. When I am photographing for a client, I control perspective by using specialty tilt-shift lenses that cost over $1,500 each. Now, with your phone, you can have a similar amount of control with the SKRWT app for a few dollars.


If you’re looking for ways to to get started photographing your own projects, you can start today with your phone and the SKRWT app. At our seminar at the upcoming AIA convention in Philadelphia, we’ll be doing a live demo of this app and a few more photo-editing tools. I’d also love to hear more about how this, and other apps have worked for you in documenting your work. We’ll also be presenting other new technologies for architectural photography. This is our third year presenting a seminar and we’re looking forward to sharing our photographic knowledge with the AIA community.

More information about our seminar can be viewed here.

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