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October 18th, 2013 by Judy Davis

When we scout a project ahead of time, not only are Google Maps and NOAA Sun Calculator essential tools, but even Google Street Views are vital to understanding the surrounding buildings or neighborhood of a project.  Google Street Views help us confirm the siting of the building, determine sun angle at a certain time of day or season, and especially note surrounding buildings and potentially great angles of view.  Sometimes I even question parking options ahead of the shoot, and Google Street Views is right there to help as I navigate the streets, just like the Google Car that photographs the scene…  Truly incredible!


Back to why this post is under Everyday Love today…. Google continues it’s amazing quest and has started to document and create 360-degree panoramas of the world’s coral reefs!  Originating in 2012 with the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, Google has already explored some remarkable territory, resulting in extraordinary panoramic visuals where your desktop is transformed to an amazing underwater adventure.


Belize 2012 ©AEH

Belize 2012 ©AEH

Click here for more info on the technical aspects of the GPS-enabled underwater cameras, how this endeavor can encourage preservation of our global reefs, and escape to your desktop for some thrilling underwater photography!





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