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The State of the Art in Architectural Photography: Bringing virtual reality to architectural photography

In the 4th installment of our series leading up to the “State of the Art in Architectural photography” presentation at the 2016 AIA convention, we’ll push the boundaries of what we normally think of as “Photography.” The ever-expanding purview of the photographer can now include video, and the topic that’s attracting a huge amount of […]

The State of the Art in Architectural Photography: The Power of Mirrorless Cameras

I have a confession. I am a tech nerd. In particular, I love geeking out over the latest photography toys.  Excuse me, “tools”.  I’m a firm believer that technology makes our lives better, and that has certainly been true for me as a photographer.  One of the latest and arguably greatest technologies that has matured […]

The State of the Art of Architectural Photography: Using Social Media to Market Your Work

In the last post, we discussed a growing number of smartphone camera apps that give you more creative control over the photos you take with your smartphone.  Now that you have great photos of your work, it’s time to share them with the world!  Today’s social media platforms can go far beyond informing everyone what […]

The State of the Art of Architectural Photography: Photo Editing Apps For Your Smartphone

Recently while on a shoot, my client and I were discussing the camera he uses when taking snapshots of his projects. He said he’d tried using a DSLR but those images usually required further editing on expensive editing software that he didn’t have access to.  Also, the photos didn’t look as good straight out of […]

Architectural Photography: Insights from our Intern

This year, we are fortunate to have Ethan Taswell  interning with us for his entire senior year of high school.  Ethan attends Walt Whitman High School in Bethesda, MD and started taking photography classes in his freshman year.  He has an incredible eye and understanding of this visual discipline.  While his interest in architectural photography […]

The Best Time of Year for Architectural Photography – Tip of the Month

Besides being timely, as in at the last minute, the origin of this tip is also the reason we changed our “Tip of the Week” to our “Tip of the Month”.  The tip is… September and October are the PERFECT time of year to be out taking pictures.  In fact, the only reason this Tip […]

Architectural Photography and our Nemesis…. The Weather

Our Online Weather Resources – Last week was yet another challenge in forecasting the weather for what we do, or any week when clouds that seem to hang overhead, for the entire week.  And mostly because just 4 days before, that’s not what the weatherman said was coming… Right?! But when we get that ideal […]

Back to Basics – f/stops and shutter speeds – “I know what they are but I’m not sure what they do”…

I have been told by many people who are using DSLR’s that they know what shutter speeds and f/stops do, but they aren’t sure how to use them to manually control their camera. If you are old enough that you have used film cameras in additional to digital, then you probably have a handle on […]

The Fundamentals of Architectural Photography

You’ll have to forgive me for not delving into this topic sooner considering that it really is the basis for all good architectural photography.  Frankly, I’m shocked I haven’t discussed it before. The basis, the starting point for every architectural photographer, the fundamental camera technique used to create great rectilinear photographs of architecture…  A Square […]

Utilizing Batch Processing in Photoshop

Those that know me know I have a slight obsession with streamlining workflow and processes. There is something extra satisfying about checking off those to do’s when you know that a task has been completed in the most efficient way possible!  Because of that, today’s blog topic – BATCH PROCESSING – has a very special […]

How about several tips in one week!

Yes, we’ve been very bad about getting out our “Tip of the Week”.  You’ve probably forgotten about us already.  Well, in an effort to stay in your address book and out of your spam filter, we’d like to offer you not one tip, but several!  And all in one day! Please join us at ArchEx, […]

Guest Blogger – Kate Erdy – A Marketer’s Guide to Architectural Photography

For today’s Tip of the Week we welcome Guest Blogger and Senior Marketing Coordinator at SmithGroupJJR, Washington DC, Kate Erdy.  I have collaborated with Kate on several shoots, and Kate loves to blog about our A/E/C industry – it seemed an easy idea to bring Kate in for her valuable insight and professional understanding from […]

Shooting in RAW format is RAW-SOME!!!

Yes, I am a dork.  I have no excuse, but, when something as liberating and as powerful as the RAW format is available to me as a creative tool, I just can’t help myself.  Previously, Judy discussed RAW versus jpeg which is a good primer to this post, and worth a read before you get […]

I Don’t Have Any Fireworks Photos!

Well, here we are again – it’s Thursday and time for our tip of the week.  But, it’s also a holiday – Independence Day – and I am going to pass on posting a blog…. The good news is that I found an article about how to photograph fireworks from another blog from the Digital […]

5 Things Every Landscape Architect Should Have In Their Car For A Photoshoot

Wow, I’m out of breath just reading that title.  I guess this is what you should expect from a night owl up before dawn.  I’ve now been awake, begrudgingly, for 7 hours and it’s only 11a.m.  Such is the nature of being a landscape photographer in the summer.  Conveniently, the brain is often very creative […]

Everyday Love, The Clock, Brooklyn NY

Ok, how about a break from all the techie stuff for a week?  And a little reminder that you can check out our “Everyday Love” section of our blog for something a little entertaining and visually interesting! What I wanted to feature this week came to my attention from an HGTV episode, “You Live in […]

Lighting 101 – Balancing Flash and Ambient Light

Many professional photographers these days go into an interior space with little or no lighting.  They usually rely on HDR (High Dynamic Range) processing or manually layering in different exposures in Photoshop. While we do use HDR and layering techniques on almost all of our photographs, we also choose to use supplemental lighting.  We have […]

Seeing Triple: How to Backup Your Photos Safely

At some point we’ve all said it.  “OH $!@%.  I’m completely screwed”.  No, I’m not talking about overcooking the Thanksgiving turkey, I’m talking about a COMPLETELY UNEXPECTED hard drive failure.  Years of emails, documents, photographs and even your lowly bookmarks, gone.  Or, maybe you’ll get lucky and you can pay a data recovery specialist a […]

Lights… Camera…. Action!

So cliche, I couldn’t resist! For today’s Architectural Photography Tip of the Week, I wanted to help explain Action items in Photoshop; a very convenient way to be productive and have an effective workflow. We use Action commands all the time since what we produce as a final deliverable for our clients is a standard […]

Optimal Focusing Techniques for Architecture – Tip of the Week

In the last tip of the week, Allen talked about finding the best aperture for your lens in order to achieve the sharpest image you can get with your camera. One of our workshop attendees and Photographing Spaces friend, Chris Ambridge of cox graae + spack architects, emailed me with a follow up question.  “Where […]

It Must Be f/8 – Modern Lenses and Their Sharpest Apertures – Tip of the Week

A long time ago in a format far, far away… that format being 4×5 film, the conventional wisdom said that we should set our lens aperture between F/16 and F/32 in order to maintain maximum depth of field, i.e. focus.  Much has changed since the days of Ansel Adams and the F.64 Group, but the technological […]

Enhancing the color of Grass; Architectural Photography Tip of the Week

Finally, Spring has Sprung!!  It was a very chilly Spring this year, so we are happy to definitely welcome it.  The cherry blossoms are leafing out and the tulips may already be wilting, but the azaleas are gorgeous and the kelly green (my favorite color!) leaves are beautiful this week!  The dogwoods are also in […]

Adobe Photoshop Content Aware Fill

Back when CS5 was announced, one of the most exciting new features made available was the Content Aware Fill tool.  Content-Aware Fill lets you repair or replace large, complex areas, and even multiple areas at once, simply by drawing selections around them and letting Photoshop do the rest!  This is a excellent tool to use […]

The Night Isn’t Just For Owls – Architectural Photography After Hours – Tip of the Week

Ahh, dusk.  That beautiful hour when everything starts to quiet down and you settle in to your chaise with a beer, or a glass of wine. Unless you’re on a photoshoot of course.  If that’s the case, you’re running around like a crazy person, tweaking lights, adjusting your exposure and removing those errant bits of […]