“You can fake anything on Instagram”

January 23rd, 2014 by Allen

Like so many things online, I’m going to re-aggregate.  Which sounds like regurgitate…

As architectural photographers we like to joke that we photograph a perfect world.  At least that’s what we routinely try to do for our clients.  But that “perfection” usually comes about after we’ve moved furniture, blended exposures, added lighting and retouched lots of offending exit signs and fire alarms.  Not to mention Fedex and UPS trucks.  (Fist shaking in the air)  So yes, I am guilty of bending the truth which, as you’ll see, is the point of the article.

So without further ado, please allow me to share a colorful, if not slightly, shall we say “belligerent”, article about the falcity of Instagram written by Drew Hoolhorst over at “The Bold Italic”.  Whatever you do, don’t miss the slideshow at the top of the article.

“It made us all huge f…ing liars…  Instagram is mostly a gigantic contest to see who’s the best at being a lying liar pants…  We have some inflated sense of jealousy about each other’s lives these days because we sit at home looking at a feed that tells us that we are missing out on EVERYTHING and that Brian has BILLIONS of dollars because VACATION AGAIN and SARAH IS THE HAPPIEST FUCKING PERSON ON THE PLANET BECAUSE SHE IS ALWAYS AT BRUNCH.” – Via The Reality Behind Instagram Feeds – The Bold Italic

P.S. – I’m not sure what grounds I have to enjoy this article so much considering that I too am a lying liar pants.  My only defense is that I do it the old fashioned way… manual labor and Photoshop.

~ Allen



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