Judy Davis


“We don’t photograph reality, we photograph a perfect world”

Not only does that comment always receive a chuckle, but many times I have arrived at a location with a client and the tenant or owner will respond that they’re surprised at how much effort goes into a photo shoot.  We certainly don’t capture just snapshots for our clients!  Enjoying the process of “perfection” when creating a beautiful photograph of the built environment, I also love the collaboration with our clients.  It fills me with pride to see the finished product in marketing materials, in publications and on the web.

I was drawn to photography in high school, and remember the immediate attraction to only photographing residences, landscapes, parks and lakes of my home town Winter Park, Florida.  I’ve photographed my fair share of a few weddings (usually for friends, and only after much persuasion!) but have always been drawn to the structure, the perspective, the angles of buildings and interiors and how light moves around the space or molds an exterior throughout the day.  Dusk is my favorite time of day to shoot; the drama of the light and color make our efforts precisely all worth the while.

I’ve taught Architecture & Interior Photography classes to students and have coached many a Career Day with my photo skills and mastery.  With the surge of the digital world in cameras and technology, Architecture is still one of the most technically challenging specialties to shoot.  Because of this, many clients who attend our workshops mention “I’ll leave it up to you, the experts”.  Whether you want to shoot your own projects or work smarter with a professional photographer, sharing our extensive knowledge with our clients in this niche keeps the collaboration going!

Fun Facts:

I never use the number 13 in anything related to photography.  I can’t expose an image for 13 seconds, I’m just a little bit superstitious that way

Even when I go to the movies for entertainment, I catch myself studying the glancing light from a window or where the studio light is being hidden, just off camera

Photographing landscapes and gardens with my toy Holga camera is a guilty pleasure on a cloudy day

My favorite pastime:  Laughing and giggling with my daughter, tickle torture and all silly moments in between…  It keeps me young