Anice Hoachlander


photo by Lila Hobby (my daughter!)

photo by Lila Hobby (my daughter!)


From the first time I picked up a camera in high school, I photographed structures – natural and man-made – responding to abstract forms, light and shadow.  You could call me a “one-trick pony” – the only jobs I’ve have ever had involved cameras and architecture – working in camera stores in college, an architectural firm after graduating and a nine-year stint in an architectural photography studio.  All this led me to owning my own photography studio, specializing, in, what else?  Architecture and interior design.  30 years later, it’s still my true love. I like nothing better than walking into a space that’s been built new or transformed and deciding how to photograph it.  Walking the project with the client, discussing the design intent, analyzing how light tracks over the course of a day.  And then it’s my job and great pleasure to communicate  the project with my camera –

Something else I have added to my plate, and the reason you are here at this site, is a desire to teach what I and my colleagues have learned from photographing these many, many projects over the years.  So much about photography has changed over the last decade and is still changing constantly.  More and more often our clients ask us questions about the latest camera, and the ever- updating technology.  And now, architects, who have always loved to take pictures can be better at it than ever before.

I hope you enjoy coming to our site – a place where you can learn tips and techniques aimed specifically to photographing the built environment.  A clearinghouse, of sorts, of all kinds of information about social media, composition, new retouching techniqes, the next greatest camera and lenses – everything photographic. We are constantly searching and exploring the web for information that can make us (and you) better visual communicators.

So, stick around and enjoy the ride!

Fun Facts:

Favorite Thing(s) To Do:  When I’m not photographing buildings, I love “wogging” on the C&O canal with my dog, Hank.  In case you don’t know what wogging is, it’s a term people use who are really slow (and I mean really slow) joggers.  But, heh, I’m out there!  I also love to hike, bike, snorkel, ski sometimes, cook and hang out with my family and friends.  Love movies, don’t have much patience with TV, and always have a book of one kind and another beside my bed.

Favorite Food: I’m a foodie, what can I say – I love all well prepared foods – either at home or in a restaurant.  I can even be adventurous – my whole family has eaten termites in Costa Rica (yum – tastes like carrots!). But there is nothing better than a good bottle of wine, some amazing bread and cheese, a tasty salad and chocolate for dessert – that’s what I call a good meal.

Favorite Sport to Watch:  Gymnastics.  My daughter is a competitive gymnast and I’ve really gotten hooked over the years.  My son played football in high school and that was fun – but I’m glad he stopped when he got to college.  Still love to watch the Super Bowl – but I’m one of those annoying people who mostly watch the commercials.