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Allen Russ Bio Photo Califate Perito Moreno Glacier ArgentinaCo-Founder

While a few years have past since this photo was taken, that’s basically what I look like. Although my hair tends to run a little shorter most of the time. And sometimes I shave.

What you’ll notice in the photo, besides the glacier and the crampons, is my old Hasselblad. I think that explains a lot about who I am as a photographer. 20 years ago, I picked up a [film] camera for the first time and was immediately hooked. I went on to get my BFA in photography from the University of Arizona, right about the time the first digital printers were coming on-line. If I recall, Photoshop was still in version 5 (Not CS 5!). I’ve always loved working outside photographing the natural environment and the built environment and have never photographed anything else. I shot a wedding once… Generationally speaking, I am a child of the digital photography revolution. Born and raised on film and pixels. I’ll miss that camera… sort of.

Fun Facts:

I like long walks on the beach… with my camera.

Favorite Food: Beer (but only good beer, however, I’ve never met a free beer I didn’t like)

Favorite Sport to watch: None

Favorite Sport to play: Hockey. (smashy! smashy!)

Least Favorite Sport to watch: Baseball (un-American, I know)

Least Favorite Sport to play: Golf (only because it makes me very angry, and somehow taking that anger out on the ball never quite satisfies my desire to SMASH THE S@%T out of the ball)

I am a technophile but a slow adopter… I hate buyers remorse.

Useful (but boring) Facts:

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