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These hands-on workshops, are designed for individuals who want to document their own work or work smarter with professional architectural photographers.


2016 National AIA Convention / Philadelphia - "State of the Art in Architectural Photography" - An image is worth a thousand words—but are you using the right images to convey your ideas? Learn to create compelling photographs and videos during this interactive session. Engage directly with a team of photographers from Washington, D.C.-based Photographing Spaces to discuss: • Tips, resources, and digital imaging techniques used by professional photographers • How photography can communicate your vision and inspire the public to embrace the practice of architecture • How architects can use images in social media and incorporate video into their online presence Explore your own potential as an architectural photographer or learn to work smarter with your own professional photographer.

AIA National Convention 2014

2014 National AIA Convention - Aesthetics of Architectural Photography: Dialogue and Live Demo Techniques Used to Create Great Photography - This interactive 90-minute seminar is designed for individuals who want to document their own work or who want to work smarter with professional architectural photographers. Attendees will engage directly with the team of photographers from DC-based Photographing Spaces in an open dialogue about the aesthetics of architectural photography. Anice Hoachlander, Judy Davis & Allen Russ will give live demonstrations of digital imaging techniques used regularly by professional photographers to create evocative and engaging photographs.

ArchEx 2013 - “Architectural Photography Live - The Fundamentals of Perspective Control, Composition, and Creative Photo-Manipulation” - Architects and designers often wonder why they cannot get their photographs to look like their renderings, or better. In this live demonstration, the photographers of Photographing Spaces, a division of Hoachlander Davis Photography, will show you how to use your camera and Photoshop techniques to control visual perspective, creatively frame the photograph and manipulate the photograph in order to create visually compelling and dynamic images. This will not be a typical lecture. This will be live. This live demonstration will include your Q&A.